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Windsurfing Lessons 

Lesson Types Available

Beginner Private Lesson

2 hours - $195


1 on 1 instruction is the best way to advance your windsurfing skills as rapidly as possible.  Mike will be your instructor for a 2 hour lesson.  You'll spend 5 -10 minutes on land going over stance and board/sail control and the rest of the time you'll be on the water.  New Severne boards and sails are included with all beginner lessons.  If you've still got some energy, you can keep windsurfing on our gear for 30 minutes past the time the lesson is over.

Beginner Group Lesson

2 Hours - $125 per person


What's more fun than windsurfing?  Windsurfing with friends!  Group lessons of 2 to 4 students are available.   You and your friends will have a blast cruising across the sound powered by only the wind.  New Severne Boards and Sails are provided for up to 4 students at once.  You will spend 2 hours on the water and if you've got some energy left, you can challenge each other on the water for an extra 30 minutes with our gear once the instruction has ended.

Intermediate - Pro level instruction

1.5 hours - $195 


Mike is available to teach any skill level.  Whether you're working on the harness and footstraps, your never-ending quest to learn to jibe,  or working on your forward loops and burners, Mike will be able to get your skills tuned up.  Mike will spend 1.5 hours on the water with you sailing side by side to get your skills to where you want them to be. 

Windsurf Foil Lesson
2 hours - $195


Windsurf foiling is simply an incredible feeling and a great way to easily double your windsurf time due to the fact that windsurf foils can get If you up and going in less than 10 knots.  If you already windsurf, the progression is insanely fast with proper instruction.  There's a very good chance that you'll be up and flying the foil on the very first run.  We include the use of the best possible foil and dedicated foilboard on the market for success.  The Severne Alien and Redwing foil. The Alien 155 and Redwing Foil are included with the lesson. 

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