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East Coast Windfest - Dates TBD
 Heckscher State Park, NY

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We are in the planning stages for the ECWF.

Heckscher State Park Entrance Toll Booth Fee: About $10.00

More about the East Coast Windsurfing Festival.

         The ECWF is about getting together and having fun!  Isn't this what windsurfing is all about?   Those that have attended the ECWF in years past know how much fun this event is. 

    Race Format:  All racing will be held at field 7 at Heckscher State Park, NY.   There is NO WIND MINIMUM to race!  We simply need to be able to move forward comfortably on a windsurf board.  The actual course is subject to change depending on the number of racers and wind conditions.  The course will have upwind and downwind legs.   We will run multiple races on both Saturday and Sunday.  All race classes will race together, but classes will be scored separately.  We will use a points system for the final score.  1st place racer gets 1 point, 2nd place gets 2 points, 3rd place gets 3 points, etc.  Points will be added together for all races for the final scores.  The racers with the lowest scores in each class wins! We will drop a racer's worst score if more than 6 races are completed over the course of the weekend.

Official registration will be onsite from 10:00am - 11:00am on Saturday morning at the beach and is completely free of charge compliments of Severne, Starboard Windsurfing and Hampton Watersports.

     Race Classes:  Choose to enter the class that fits best:

Men's 6.5 ltd - Sails 6.5 and under / No boards with daggerboards / No Foils (SUP without daggerboards are ok for ltd class)

Men's Open - Any sail / Any Board - We will allow windsurf foils in Open class, however Heckscher typically has a lot of seaweed.  Don't plan on breaking the sound barrier on your foil. 

Women's 6.0 ltd - Sails 6.0 and under / No boards with daggerboards / No Foils (SUP without daggerboards are ok for ltd class)

Women's Open - Any sail / Any Board

Junior's - Boys and girls 17 years and under.  Whatever gear they are comfortable using.

Racer requirements:

- All racers must have their race numbers clearly visible on both sides of the sail.
- It is up to the racers to supply their race numbers via stickers, duct tape or other method.
- NY State law requires flotation devices to be worn at all times while on the water (sorry, had to put it here as per the permit)
- Safety first!  Always look out for your fellow racers

Tentative Schedule:


- 10:00am -Skipper's meeting at the beach (Heckscher State Park, Field 7)

-10:30am-12:00pm - Registration on site

- 1:00pm - first possible start (we'll start when conditions are suitable and the course is set)

- Daily festivities conclude by 6:00pm


10:00 am - Skipper's meeting

12:00pm - first possible start for more racing

4:00pm - Awards ceremony at the beach.

 So.... Are you in?
Please shoot Mike Burns an email and let him know that you are planning to attend the event.  He'll add you to the list below.  Registration will be on-site ate Heckscher State Park on Saturday morning. 

Mike Burns -

2023 Results

Overall Results


1st - Ken Tiu - (Starboard Windsurfer LT))

2nd - Dylan Burns (Severne / Starboard)

3rd - Joe Natalie (Severne)

4th -  Pete Roesch
5th - Kurt Schmid
6th - Will Seibert
7th - Richard baker
8th - Jon Ford
9th - Zev Fixler
10th - George Pav
11th - Jeff Henderson
12th- Chip Marshall
13th - Can (Jon) Yazicioglu
14th - Delay Altiner
15th - Chris Goodwin
16th - George Papacharisis

Men's Open

1) Joe Natalie (Severne)
2) Pete Roesch
3) Kurt Schmid
4) Will Seibert
5) Richard Baker
6) Zev Fixler
7) Jeff Henderson
8) Chip Marshall
9) Chris Goodwin
10) George Papacharisis


Men's 6.5 LTD

1)  Jon Ford
2) George Pav

Women's 6.0

1) Delay Altiner

Starboard Windsurfer LT

1) Ken Tiu


1) Dylan Burns

2022 East Coast Windfest - NY Results:

Men Open:

1st - Joe Natalie
2nd - Iggy Mon

3rd - Pete (The Terminator) Roesch
4th - Dylan Egeland

5th - Jeff Hendersen

6th - Rich Zakka

7th - Ian Warren
8th - David Egeland

9th - MarcinChamiel
10th - Rob Biaggi

11th - Anonymous Racer

Men 6.5 Ltd.
1st - Jake Agoos

2nd - Chris Goodwin

3rd - Kurt Schmid


Windsurfer LT

1st - Ken Tiu


1st - Dylan Burns

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