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Severne Windsurf Events

OBX Freestyle Frenzy - April 18 - 22

Where: Ocean Air Sports / Avon, NC

What:  Freestylers from all over North America meet up for clinics / Q&A sessions, Severne demos and sessions to push each other to the next level.

Entry Fee:  No Charge - Just Show up

Hatteras Demo Days- 2023
Once per week throughout April and May

Where: The Hole, Cape Hatteras

What:  Demos from Severne & Starboard will be available once per week at the Hole (a.k.a. The Canadian Hole)  

Entry Fee:  No Charge 

How to Register:  Just show up.  Follow our facebook pages for the latest info about dates and times.  Wind dependent!

Severne Windsurfing North America

- Starboard Windsurfing North America 

The Great Hatteras Windsurf Swap
Dates TBA

Where: Ocean Air Sports / Avon, NC

What:  Sell your used gear & check out the newest gear from Severne and Starboard Windsurfing.

Entry Fee:  No Charge to sell your gear 

How to Register:  Just show up with your gear

For more info:

East Coast Windfest - New York


What:  Hampton Watersports to host  a no wind minimum course racing event.  We'll race in whatever the conditions are each day.  As long as we can move forward on a windsurfer.  It's game on!   Severne & (maybe) Starboard demos available both days.


Cost: $FREE$  You can thank Severne and Starboard 




October 28th- Nov. 4th, 2023

Where: Ocean Air Sports, Cape Hatteras, NC

What:  OBX-WIND!   You know what it is!


Registration is open now!

Cost: $75.00 entrance for long distance
          $ 40.00 entrance fee for slalom

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